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Music is my life

I started listening to music when I was in my mommy's belly. There are a few songs that I've recognized after I popped out and they always make me smile when my mom sings them to me.

This is me at my music class. I was super excited and screamed with happiness when I got there. It was a bit confused and sat on some random lap of another dad. I'm sure his baby was not pleased. My favorite instrument there was my teacher's guitar. She said it was ok to play with it. She's a nice lady! We sang mostly French songs and 1 English song. My mom found this FREE music class for me at our local library. There are many free stuff at the library, so it's a good idea to go check them out in person.

This video below is of me behaving in music class. However minutes after this, I got up and walked over to a baby and fell directly on her face with this bell instrument. Ouch! She didn't even blink. Whew!

Have you heard of the butt pianist? Well, maybe I'm the only one doing this. Watch the silly video of me below. This was my very first instrument which is piano book called 'Mes Plus Grands Airs Classiques.' Although it is way too complicated for me to read the notes and to play properly, I love this book more than anything.

My parents think I have beautiful hands but I seem to use everything else to play piano. My nickname is 'La Coquine' because I'm always being so naughty. I got this little Moulin Roty toy piano for my 1st birthday. I get to keep this one in the family room because I will use it climb out of my playpen if it's in my playpen. :)

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