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My favorite books - there are so many!

Updated: Mar 19

My all-time favorite book

I have so many books. Most of them are second-hand books from my cousins in the US. And a few are music french books. My favorite book at the moment is Sesame Street's Rubber Duckie Bath Time Tunes. I just press the button and mommy has to sing along to the lyrics. I took the book with me on vacation to Mallorca, Spain last week. I had so much fun pressing the buttons all day long. It's hard to get these songs out of my head now. I'm so addicted! When I'm tired, I use my monkey toes to do the work.

Books that I can read and eat

I love to read books, but I also love to eat them. I'm teething like crazy, so they help a lot. I got into a lot of trouble eating my books. My mom bought me a few teething books and I'm allowed to have them in my playpen and my portable bed. The rest of the books, I only get to have under very very strict supervision. Here are the 'Indestructibles' books that I have:

  • Hello Farm! This one is the best because mommy makes animal sounds when she reads it to me.

  • Baby Let's Eat! I hate this one because it's about eating, and I don't really like to eat much. Playing is so much more fun. Don't you agree?

  • Baby Faces I was reading and teething on this one at 6 months old. Baby faces are so cute and I always laugh when I hear babies cry.

  • Jingle Baby I got this one for Christmas from my auntie in California. We had Christmas in Vegas and it was fun with all my cousins there.

  • Frère Jacques Ooh la la...all the yummy treats in this book! I want to try all of them starting with the donuts.

A classic book

The very first song that I learned was 'The Wheels on the Bus." I learned how to say 'Up' and 'Down' from this song and also from reading the book. The book has movable parts and I broke the wipers. But my fixed them for me right away. I read this book every day, but I'm no longer allowed to touch the moving parts. However, when I get to walk next to my stroller, I try to touch the wheels when my mom is not paying attention.

Music books

There are tons of french music books for babies and toddlers in Paris. I've seen them at most bookstores and they are also available at Nature et Découvertes and BHV. My papa picked the latest book for me at BHV because I was very busy running around like a loose goose. He chose one with classic French songs for kids 'Mes Comptines des Animaux.'

The song with the spider is the one I like the best. I hope I can sing along one day soon.

Here are a few more music books that I love:

  • Les Plus Belles Berceuses Jazz This book was recommended in my mom's Montessori book. The music is beautiful and it's in English. But the lyrics are in English and French. We borrowed this book from the library. Hopefully, my mom will remember to return it on time. She is pretty bad about that.

  • Mes Chansonettes This one I've had for a long time and the battery finally ran out. My papa replaced it for this week.

  • Mes Comptines De Tous Les Jours My mamie Coco gave me this book for Christmas. She is my great grandma! Can you believe that!

Books that are fun to touch

My papa bought me the coolest book at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris. It was my very first visit to the museum. He saved my ticket stub so I can put it in my baby memory book. The book is called Mes Dinosaures à Toucher. See the pictures below:

  • Mon Imagier Du Jardin This is a hand-me-down book from my 2 cousins in the US. I love the page where you can water the plant and the page with the boy on the swing.

  • Mon Imagier de la Mer This one is cool because you can move the waves sideways.

  • Mon Imagier de Noël Hahah Santa's eyes are so nutso.

  • Pop Art 123! My mom's friend gave me this book. I have so many gifts from her. This one is very colorful and I read it sideways, upside down, and in all directions. I love touching the raised circles.

  • Coucou! La Nuit My cousins gave me this book. There are flaps that you can open. It's so cool. I've torn most of the little doors out of this book, but I still love it.

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