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Updated: Mar 11

Here are all the resources that my mom found to help me learn English. I learn best through music and fun songs. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

English Books

You can read about my favorite books on this blog. This list has all the books that l love and I read most of them every day. I will add to this list as I start to read more each day:

  1. Sesame Street's Rubber Duckie Bath Time Tunes

  2. Hello Farm!

  3. Baby, Let's Eat!

  4. Baby Faces

  5. Jingle Baby

  6. Frère Jacques

  7. Baby Peekaboo

  8. Beach Baby

  9. Wiggle! March!

  10. The Wheels on the Bus

Videos Online

Note: It is NOT recommended to give babies any screen time and toddlers/young kids should have very little screen time (under supervision is best). However, you can play these videos and just let them listen to the songs/stories without them watching.

  1. Little Baby Bum I started watching these at 6 months because it was the only way I would drink formula milk. I miss getting it straight from the tap. 😂

  2. Sesame Street: Nursery Rhymes Songs I like Sesame Street, but I really LOVE the nursery rhymes songs. Less talking, more singing, please! 🎼

  3. Peppa Pig I was born the year of the pig, so I love everything snorty and oinky.

  4. Cosmic Kids Yoga I learned to do my first yoga pose at a very early age. These videos are great because I can do it with my mom. And in between poses, she gives me free kisses.


  1. NPR put together a list of music for newborns. My mom created 3 playlists for me before I was even born. Playlist #1 are all her favorite songs that she wants me to listen to with her. Playlist #2 are all the dodo songs to help me sleep (most of them are classical music and my favorite is 'Remember Me' from the movie 'Coco'). Playlist #3 are all the dance music. We play this at night and have super fun dance parties with my papa. I don't think our neighbors like us very much.

Free Audiobooks

  1. Storynory So many great stories on this site and you can read along to each audio story. A classic that my mom loves is 1001 Nights. They also have popular children's songs such as Baa Baa Black Sheep. My mom always asks 'What sound does a sheep make?' And I learned to reply 'Ba Ba' because of this song.

  2. Lit2Go Free online collection of stories and poems in audiobook format. You can search for free books by grade level and download PDF versions to print out. Some stories also have activities for your kids to do afterward.

Sites & articles to bookmark

  1. Bilingual Kidspot Useful blog with info such as popular nursery rhymes to teach your kids. You can search for these songs online and sing along with the lyrics. I learned to clap my hands and say 'Happy' by listening to the 'If you're happy and you know it' song about a zillion times.

  2. For baby's brain to benefit, read the right books at the right time The 2 books they recommend are 'Pat the Bunny' and 'Dear Zoo.' I don't have these books yet, so I'll have to put them on my wish list. :)

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