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Updated: Apr 9

I haven't learned much in French yet. I think it's not as important because I live in Paris and I can easily pick things up. But here are a few things that I like so far to help me learn French.

French Books

  1. Mes Chansonnettes

  2. Petites Comptines Pour Rire

  3. Mes Comptines des Animaux

  4. Les Plus Belles Berceuses Jazz

  5. Mes Comptines De Tous Les Jours

  6. Coucou! La Nuit

  7. Mes Dinosaures à Toucher

  8. Mon Imagier de Noël

  9. Mon Imagier du Jardin

  10. Mon Imagier de la Mer

  11. Elmer Cherche et Trouve

  12. Ne Bouge Pas!

Online Videos

Note: It is NOT recommended to give babies any screen time and toddlers/young kids should have very little screen time (under supervision is best). However, you can play these videos and just let them listen to the songs/stories without them watching.

  1. Hey Kids Chansons Pour Enfants. I don't like these videos a much as the English version. For example, the Family Finger song is just weird in French.

  2. Monde des Titounis Their animation is very cute. I love their big eyes! They also have a nice website with lots of content to help me learn. And you can listen to their music on Spotify too.

  3. Peppa Pig Français The cartoon is very easy for me to understand but I wish they would sing more.

You can read about all my favorite books here.

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